• Gerbing 12V 5,2A batteripack

The 5.2 Amps Lithium Polymer 12 Volt battery only weighs 270 grams and can be connected to Gerbing's heated clothing which doesn't draw more than 6.5 amps (one heated jacket). The max output of the battery is 6.5 Amps. The battery comes with a neoprene belt to store the battery. The latest version of the B12V-5200 has a built in USB-port so you can charge your navigation system, smart phone or your mobile phone.

The battery has a 3 level setting for regulating the heat. If you want to you can use the remote control, which you can hang to your keys. A LED-indicator shows how much power is left in the batteries. The B12V-5200CG charger will charge the battery in approximately 5 hours. The battery's life is guaranteed for hundreds of charging cycles.

To connect the heated gloves to the B12V-5200 battery, you will need a long Y-cable. This Y-cable is a standard item with the 12 volt heated socks. The Junior controller which comes with every pair of 12 volt gloves will not work on this particular battery.
The battery can be used for the following heated products:

  • G-12 Hybrid Heated Gloves.
  • XR-12 Hybrid Heated Gloves
  • T-12 Hybrid Heated Gloves.
  • L-12 Heated Glove Liners.
  • TEX-12 Heated Textile Gloves.
  • 12 Volt Electric Heated Socks.
  • 12 Volt Heated Jacket Liner.
  • 12 Volt Heated Trouser Liner.


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Gerbing 12V 5,2A batteripack

  • 1,050.00Kr
  • 950.00Kr