• Gerbing 12V Heated Liners

Very comfortable glove made with an exceptionally soft and supple Lycra that contours to the hand. The design is simple but effective.Firm fitting stretch cordura fabric allows for a snug fit as these gloves are designed to be worn under existing gloves or mitts. Not recomended for motorcycle use, since your existing motorcycle gloves will become too small to have the heated glove liners under neeth. These heated gloves have been used from jumping from a balloon 30km high, and used in a world record cold water dive (169 meter deep). For motorcycle use we recomend the XR-12 heated glove, the T-12 heated gloves or the supple and thin G-12 heated gloves. Recommended for use with un-insulated riding gloves, which are one or two sizes too big.

  • Utilizes our European pending patent heating technology — the most efficient and durable heating technology ever developed.
  • Heats entire length of each finger, including the thumb, as well as the back of the hand.
  • Adjustable Neoprene cuff to make it comfortable to wear.
  • Can easily be connected with a normal y-cable to the B12V-5200 or B12V-8000 battery.
  • Gloves are provided with an inline Junior Temp controller, to adjust the heat when connected to a vehicles battery.
  • The battery hook up are provided with the heated glove liners as well. If you only use the gloves, make sure to use the right fuse

If you want to use the heated glove liners together with our heated jacket liner, make sure you buy a splitter or a dual temp controller. The L-12 heated glove liners can easily be connected to the sleeve plugs of the heated jacket liner. But since the jacket liner have a dual wiring system, the splitter or dual temp controller must make it one heating system again.

Use 12V 2.2A 27W
Degrees Regulated up to 57°C +/- 2°C at 0°C
Type 12V 1,4A eller 5A. Optional
Heating time

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Gerbing 12V Heated Liners

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